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Are you struggling to attract new customers and make your business visible online? You’re not alone. As Atlanta’s top data-driven SEO agency, Laird and Partners provides customized solutions that deliver guaranteed first-page Google rankings, increased website traffic, and bigger profits.

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Drive More Customers to Your Atlanta Business with Data-Driven SEO

Unlike other agencies that take a one-size-fits-all approach, our SEO campaigns are tailored specifically to your Atlanta business goals after conducting in-depth audits and keyword research. We take a completely data-driven, ROI-focused approach.

Why SEO is Critical for Atlanta Small Businesses

As the digital landscape evolves, more and more customers are going online to find and research local businesses. Recent surveys found that:

  • 72% of consumers surveyed use search engines to find local information
  • 97% of website traffic comes from search engines
  • 61% of mobile users call or visit a business within 24 hours of performing a local search

If your business does not show up prominently in these searches, you’re losing potential sales every single day to competitors that rank higher than you.

Unlike expensive forms of advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) provides long-term sustainable growth by getting your business website ranking at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords.

The higher your website ranks in search engines like Google, the more targeted visitors you’ll attract to your site. And more traffic means more paying customers over time.

However, with major search algorithm updates rolled out by Google in 2021 and 2022, staying on top requires ongoing optimization from an experienced local SEO agency.

Common Myths About Atlanta SEO

Achieving top search engine rankings is rife with misconceptions. Here we debunk some of the most common Atlanta SEO myths:

Myth: Rankings Happen Quickly

Reality: Comprehensive SEO takes 6-12 months to reflect rankings gains. Our long-term campaigns methodically drive results.

Myth: More Keywords Equals Better

Reality: Targeting hundreds of wide match keywords dilutes efforts. We pursue the highest value, most aligned keywords per client. Staying laser focused pays dividends over time.

Myth: Links Don’t Matter

Reality: Google’s own patents highlight that links remain key signals for establishing authority and rankings. Our entirely white hat link building tactics boost client visibility safely.

Myth: Rankings Equal Business Value

Reality: While rankings have correlation to success, true ROI means conversions. Our SEO focuses on driving calls, form fills, online orders for our Atlanta partners through optimized organic traffic.

Myth: SEO Has No Maintenance

Reality: Like most marketing initiatives, SEO requires ongoing optimization as signals and algorithms evolve. We continually enhance client efforts month after month to sustain hard-earned wins.

Let us know other Atlanta SEO myths you have questions on. We are happy to clarify any areas of confusion!

How Do Search Engines Work?

Before we dig into specific local SEO strategies for Atlanta businesses, let’s review some SEO basics…

Search engines like Google deploy web crawlers to index billions of web pages across the internet. As people perform searches, algorithms analyze indexed pages to determine the most relevant results for each query.

Pages ranking higher generally have qualities like:

  • Keyword optimized content
  • Trusted domains with history
  • A healthy backlink profile (other sites linking to them)
  • Positive user engagement signals (time on site, low bounce rates, etc.)
  • Proper technical setup (site speed, responsiveness, security)

So by optimizing these elements through ongoing SEO efforts, we can “teach” search engines to rank your website higher in results.

There are two main areas of optimization:

On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages by using target keywords in headings, content, meta descriptions, alt text, schema markup, etc. This helps search bots better understand relevance.

Off-page SEO focuses on building high-quality external links from industry websites, directories, review sites and other relevant domains. This boosts domain authority.

An effective SEO strategy combines both on-page and off-page optimization techniques to maximally improve search visibility.

Tailored SEO Solutions for Atlanta Businesses

With over 15 years experience fueling growth for Atlanta companies through SEO and digital marketing, our team understands exactly what it takes to dominate local search rankings.

We start every new client relationship by conducting an in-depth audit and analysis of your current SEO setup, rankings, competitors and website performance.

From there, we create fully customized strategies and campaigns tailored to your specific business goals – whether that’s driving more phone calls, boosting online sales, increasing foot traffic or building brand awareness.

Below we’ll explore some of the proven tactics and solutions we use to get Atlanta business websites ranking #1.

Keyword Research & Opportunity Analysis

The foundation of effective SEO is identifying high-potential keywords that align with your business offerings and have sufficient search volume.

Our keyword research process is extensive, going far beyond just plugging a few keywords into Google’s Keyword Planner. We leverage multiple tools and data sources to build comprehensive, data-driven target keyword universes tailored specifically to your business.

Our research methodology includes:

  • Industry Research: We thoroughly analyze your industry, competitors, products/services, consumers and seasonality trends to inform keyword opportunities.
  • Long Tail Exploration: We identify hundreds of long-tail variants around your core keywords utilizing UberSuggest, SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and other generators. These longer, more targeted phrases help you stand out.
  • Search Intent Segmentation: We categorize keywords by informational, commercial, transactional and navigational intent so content better aligns to visitor goals per term.
  • Keyword Gap Analysis: We run your existing site content against keyword opportunities to identify missed terms competitors are ranking for. This uncovers additional volume.
  • Search Trends Analysis: Our analysts stay on top of seasonality trends and breaking news/events within your industry that spark new keyword demand. We capitalize early.
  • Geo-Modified Queries: For location-based businesses, we append related keywords around metro area, city, neighborhoods, suburbs, and streets to focus efforts locally.
  • Related Terms prioritization: We explore semantic keyword expansions and relatives of your core keyword themes to uncover hidden gems.

By combining inputs from Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and other tools, we build comprehensive target keyword lists optimized to your niche.

We categorize keywords by priority level based on volume, competitiveness and conversion potential. This focuses initial efforts on terms with the biggest ROI upside.

By ranking you for the full spectrum of relevant keywords (including long tail), we maximize overall traffic potential for your website month over month.

Local SEO Optimization

For Atlanta businesses trying to attract more local customers, getting the basics of local SEO implemented properly is absolutely essential.

Our local SEO strategies focus on optimizing your online visibility across multiple platforms that customers use to find local businesses, including:

Listings Optimization

  • Google My Business
  • Apple Maps
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Yelp, Yellowpages and other review sites
  • 50+ industry directories
  • Local chamber sites

We ensure all listings are completely filled out, verified, and consistent across platforms. This includes accurate business name, address, phone, website URL, hours, services, photos, videos, menus or any other relevant information.

Reviews & Reputation Management

  • Build authentic positive reviews across Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms.
  • Address any negative reviews professionally with personalized responses.
  • Monitor review sites and social listening tools for brand mention alerts.

On-Site Local SEO

  • Include locally-optimized schema markup for your business type
  • Create dedicated city/region landing pages showcasing your locations
  • Feature prominent calls-to-action for directions, calls and form fills
  • Craft blog content around topics locals care about

Creating Location-Optimized Content

An important part of our local SEO strategies involves creating dedicated content optimized for each location and region you serve.

For example, for a law firm with offices in Buckhead, Midtown and Sandy Springs, we would publish content like:

  • “The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Buckhead – 2023 Guide”
  • “Do You Have a Valid Medical Malpractice Case in Midtown, Atlanta?”
  • “Sandy Springs Slip and Fall Attorney Shares 5 Case Tips”

These location-centric blogs, videos and other content better attract searchers looking for legal help in specific neighborhoods near them.

Content Marketing

Creating and distributing high-quality content online serves multiple objectives for improving local SEO visibility including:

Attract Organic Traffic

Blog posts, videos, and other media bring in visitors from related searches around valuable topics. This grows your audience.

Support Keyword Targeting

Optimizing content with keywords you’re targeting sends relevance signals to search algorithms about your business expertise areas.

Fuel Link Earning

Unique, useful content gets naturally shared or linked to from local publications, aggregators and business partners – earning citations.

Drive Conversions

Well-optimized, on-brand content educates and persuades visitors, improving lead and sales conversion rates.

Creating Content that Ranks in Atlanta

Our writing team handles all aspects of creating SEO-focused blogs, videos, and graphics based around topics aligned to your business and geo-target keywords.

We handle planning, production, and distribution – saving you time while fueling results.

Blogs specifically have high ROI, as each post creates a new potential entry point for organic traffic and conversions over months and years ahead.

Content Promotion for Reach

Simply publishing content is just the beginning. We amplify reach and engagement through promotion across channels like:

  • Email marketing nurturing sequences
  • Social media posting across your branded profiles
  • Partnerships with local sites for guest posts or influencer content

The aggregate visitor growth that content marketing provides over time has a compounding effect on SEO success and overall customer acquisition.

Link Building for Higher Local Rankings

Importance of Backlinks for Local SEO

Backlinks remain one of the strongest signals for Google in determining local search rankings.

By having reputable Atlanta sites link back to your website, it shows endorsements from across the digital community verifying your business legitimacy.

High-quality local links also help search algorithms understand your geographic service areas and relevance to local customer search intent.

However, low-quality links from spammy or sketchy sites can actually damage your site.

Finding Link Building Opportunities

That’s why our team performs extensive research to identify high-quality link acquisition targets relevant to your Atlanta business including:

  • Industry directories and chamber pages
  • Local publication resource guides and best-of lists
  • Location-based sites like Manta, Hotfrog, CitySquares
  • Sponsorships of local events, sports teams and non-profits
  • Strategic local partnerships and vendor/supplier pages

We evaluate all link prospects based on domain authority, current search traffic, relevance and existing anchors to assess potential impact.

Outreach Strategies and Tips

Our outreach team works extensively to get your NAP listings and website links placed on these high-value pages using proven tactics like:

  • Personalized cold email outreach
  • Creating unique value proposals for each prospect
  • Leveraging existing network connections for warm introductions
  • Optimizing messaging based on past campaign response rates

We also experiment with skyscraper link building, broken link building, guestographics and other proven tactics that comply with Google guidelines to maximize placements.

Getting Links from Local Directories, Partners and Events

In addition to proactive outreach, we ensure your Atlanta business is listed on all relevant local directories, partners and event sponsorships sites which can organically generate quality backlinks such as:

  • Atlanta Better Business Bureau
  • Local chamber directories
  • Vertical-specific industry directories
  • Local vendor partner pages
  • Event and venue sponsorship pages

The aggregate impact of securing these local citations, links and listings greatly strengthens your overall domain authority and search visibility in the Atlanta market.

Finding Accurate Backlinks

Identifying accurate and relevant link building opportunities that align with your business can be extremely time consuming.

That’s why the link prospecting experts at Laird & Partners handle all the heavy lifting around finding the best link acquisition targets for your niche.

Based on our extensive experience specifically with Atlanta local SEO campaigns, we have proprietary processes for identifying and vetting out potential link opportunities including:

  • Competitor backlink analysis using Ahrefs to see where ranking pages are getting links from
  • Reverse IP lookup via SEMRush to find sites sharing hosting IPs relevant to your industry
  • Reviewing strategic partnership opportunities with vendors and suppliers
  • Monitoring link earning opportunities from local events, venues, publications and neighborhood sites
  • Leveraging existing relationships and networking to pursue links from reputable domains

No need to worry about where high-quality, relevant links for your Atlanta business might come from. Our link analysts tackle the research so we only pursue placements sure to drive results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Driving more website visitors through SEO is just the first step. Ensuring those visitors convert into leads and sales is critical for generating ROI from your efforts.

Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) process involves extensive analytics across your website funnel using tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, HotJar and Mouseflow to uncover friction points causing visitors to bounce rather than convert.

Specific optimization opportunities we identify include:

Landing Page Testing

We A/B test various elements of targeted landing pages to improve conversion rates:

  • Headlines and copy
  • Calls-to-action
  • Page layouts
  • Images
  • Trust signals (testimonials, security badges)

Lead Capture Form Optimization

To reduce form abandon rates, we experiment with:

  • Number of fields
  • Field labels
  • Input types
  • Error handling
  • Trust indicators

Site Navigation and IA

We restructure site navigation and page flows to:

  • Reduce steps to conversion
  • Improve findability of key pages
  • Address dead ends causing confusion

Page Load Speed

  • Compress images
  • Minify CSS/JS
  • Optimize web host caching
  • Defer non-critical assets

Faster load times keep visitors engaged rather than quickly bouncing.

Mobile Optimization

Ensuring responsive design and consistent user experience across devices.

Combined, CRO improvements directly lift the quality of SEO traffic you earn so that a higher portion of visitors convert into sales. This maximizes your return on investment from ongoing efforts.

Atlanta Ecommerce SEO

Driving targeted traffic to ecommerce stores requires an advanced technical SEO approach accounting for large product catalogs, complex site architecture, and conversion optimization. Our ecommerce SEO services include:

  • Product-Level Keyword Targeting: We optimize unique product content for both short and long-tail buyer keywords, increasing overall site visibility in search results.
  • Enhancing Site Search: Many product findability issues stem from poor internal search functionality. We improve relevancy algorithms, synonyms mapping and search analytics.
  • Optimized Category/Tax Landing Pages: Creating dedicated, keyword-optimized landing pages for all major product categories, filters and taxonomy pages improves crawling and conversions.
  • Implementing Structured Data: We add schema markup for rich result previews in organic and voice search, increasing click-through-rates.
  • SEO-Friendly Site Architecture: Our technical SEO audits identify issues with URL structuring, redirects, canonical tags and indexing obstacles, boosting product discoverability.
  • Optimizing Speed: With page speed vital for ecommerce conversion rates, we compress images, fix bottlenecks, and optimize caching/CDNs to accelerate site speed.

Atlanta Enterprise SEO

SEO for major enterprises with large, complex websites requires expansive strategies addressing:

  • International Targeting: We build country/language targeting roadmaps to increase search visibility specific to foreign visitor needs across markets.
  • Ensuring Brand Consistency: With numerous departments creating content, we govern optimization standards through documented processes, style guides and software integrations with CMS workflows.
  • Cross-Channel Visibility: Structured data and linking help search algorithms better connect social media profiles, knowledge bases, forums and other branded properties online for stronger rankings.
  • Implementing Tag Management: We deploy container tags to facilitate easier tracking/analysis of SEO analytics while minimizing implementation errors site-wide.
  • Leveraging AI Solutions: With content demands exceeding human bandwidth, we build SEO frameworks around machine learning applications for automated ideation, creation and ongoing mass optimization.

Atlanta Franchise SEO

Scaling optimization across franchise locations presents unique multi-location SEO challenges:

  • National Ranking Focus: We pursue rankings for branded keywords at the national franchise level through country-wide PR, partnerships, reviews and link building citation aggregation.
  • Optimizing On-Page Consistency: Franchises battle inconsistencies undermining efforts. We govern optimization requirements into location website templates and operations programs.
  • Centralized Reporting: By tracking metrics for all locations in one dashboard via Google Analytics roll-ups, we quickly spot underperforming stores and training opportunities in monthly analysis.
  • Syndicating Optimized Content: We create blogs, videos and other media nationally for easy localization so each store can add unique geo-modifiers and details. This saves duplicate creation efforts.
  • Managing Online Reputation: Our team helps franchises monitor review sentiment across the brand, intervening with responses to address criticisms and encourage positive feedback.

Get Involved with Laird and Partners for Your Growth!

With a proven SEO process rooted in analytics, data and transparency, Laird & Partners serves as the secret online growth engine for over 100 local brands.

We handle ongoing campaigns for Atlanta companies across industries like:

  • Law firms
  • Restaurants
  • Medical practices
  • Home service contractors
  • Staffing agencies

Below are a few examples of the incredible organic search-driven results we have delivered for Atlanta businesses investing in our SEO services:

Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • 219% increase in case submissions in 9 months
  • 329% growth in organic traffic
  • Shot to #2 ranking for “Best Atlanta criminal defense lawyers”

Jewelry Shop

  • 720% higher website revenue in 1 year
  • Went from #18 to #5 for “Buckhead jewelry stores”
  • Added 4 new locations to meet demand

Addiction Treatment Center

  • 172% lift in site visitor call volume
  • Improved rankings for 75+ rehab-related keywords
  • Became top Atlanta option for related treatment searches

Home Remodel Contractor

  • 389% more leads from site contact forms
  • 720+ 5-star Google Reviews added
  • Now book 6+ months out with traffic growth

The incremental visitors, leads and sales that SEO delivers has quickly become the most cost-effective customer acquisition channel for many agencies clients.

Check out more specific examples of our Atlanta SEO results here.

Measuring the Success of Atlanta SEO Campaigns

Properly tracking and measuring the impact of your Atlanta SEO initiatives is a key component we focus on to ensure maximum return on investment.

Beyond vanity metrics like rankings and traffic, true SEO success means tangible business growth in terms of phone calls, contact form submissions, in-store visits and online sales influenced by organic search efforts.

In our regular reporting, we provide complete transparency into the downstream actions and conversions driven, spotlighting elements like:

  • Phone call volume from site visitors
  • Contact/quote form submission growth
  • Increased in-store or email newsletter sign-ups
  • Incremental revenue directly attributed to SEO

With end-to-end analytics tying SEO activities to actual business outcomes, you have clear visibility into campaign results and positive impact on your bottom line.

We leverage Google Analytics goals, offline conversion tracking, call tracking software, visitor surveys and other solutions to accurately quantify SEO conversion performance over time.

The combination of increased relevant website traffic and higher converting visitors is what fuels rapid growth. Our analytics prove the immense impact SEO delivers.

Custom SEO Strategies by Laird and Partners

Maintaining strong visi bility in competitive local search results is only achievable through ongoing search optimization rooted in up-to-date industry expertise and innovation as algorithms evolve.

That’s why every Atlanta business we partner with receives a fully customized SEO strategy created by Laird & Partners proven to boost search rankings, traffic and conversions over time.

Our strategic approach includes:

– Comprehensive Auditing: We thoroughly analyze your current SEO setup, looking at everything from on-page elements to site architecture to backlinks to local listings in order to identify specific opportunities for advancing your SERP positions.

– Setting Keyword Targets: Based on our expansive opportunity data and client input, we map out targeted keyword groupings with customized timelines for hitting top 10 rankings according to search volume potential.

– Coordinating Link Building: Our team handles building a schedule of new quality backlink placement outreach across directories, local citations, guest posts and other channels timed based on ranking plateaus.

– Optimizing Content: We plan and execute a strategic calendar of blog, video and graphic content production scheduled around focused opportunities – both short and long-term wins.

– Optimizing Schemas, Speed and Security: Our technical experts assess and improve under-the-hood elements like markup implementation, site performance and infrastructure protections to boost ranking signals while circumventing penalties.

Most importantly, this expansive SEO blueprint orchestrated by Laird & Partners is not static. We actively manage and course-correct efforts in response to measured results across key organic search KPIs month after month.

The outcome is highly sustainable increases in your Atlanta website visibility and customer findability in search.

Guaranteed First Page Rankings or Your Money Back

We stand so firmly behind our strategic SEO process that we offer the following guarantee:

If your website does not reach and maintain first page rankings in Google for your target keywords within 6 months of becoming a client, we’ll provide 6 months of additional optimization completely free of charge.

No other agency makes such a firm commitment to delivering tangible SEO results.

The only exceptions are for highly-competitive national keywords with insane levels of monthly search volume. We’ll let you know upfront if a keyword presents low probability so there are no surprises.

Otherwise, rest assured that the strength of our link building, on-page optimization and conversion rate optimization work will drive top search visibility over time.

SEO Tools and Analytics for Atlanta Businesses

To measure the success and optimize the impact of SEO campaigns for Atlanta businesses, leveraging the right tracking tools is essential.

Must-Have Free Tools

At a minimum, we have all our clients set up with Google Analytics for website traffic insights and Google Search Console for indexing/performance data.

Key reports we analyze monthly include:

Google Analytics:

  • Traffic by source/medium
  • Top landing/exit pages
  • Bounce rates
  • Time on site
  • Conversion funnel steps

Google Search Console:

  • Index coverage
  • Top clicked organic keywords
  • Impressions/Clicks
  • Crawl errors
  • Page speed metrics

Additional Paid Tools

For larger budgets, we also leverage paid tools like:

  • Ahrefs: Backlink analysis/prospecting
  • Moz: Keyword tracking
  • Semrush: Competitive research
  • Screaming Frog: Technical/on-page audits

These provide additional granularity into SEO performance.

Tracking and Analyzing Key Metrics

On a monthly basis, we analyze trends across key metrics including:

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Ranking improvements
  • Click-through-rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Conversions (phone calls, form fills, purchases etc.)

Optimizing Campaigns Based on Data

With regular reporting grounded in accurate data, we are able to pivot strategies as needed month-over-month:

  • Expand content themes driving engagement
  • Refine keyword targets based on volume
  • Improve page speed using diagnostics
  • Fix technical flaws flagged by audits
  • Boost rankings with additional links/signals

Proper analytics is crucial for continually improving performance of SEO programs.

Flexible SEO Packages Focused On Atlanta Business Goals

We understand every company has a unique starting point and end marketing objectives that require a customized level of effort.

To meet these variable needs, Laird & Partners offers SEO services packaged into three tiers:

Ignite SEO ($1,497 setup | $1,497/month)

Our flagship package including:

  • Target monthly keyword rankings
  • Quarterly content production
  • Link prospects outreach
  • Optimization tasks
  • Dedicated Project Manager

Accelerate SEO ($997 setup | $997/month)

A step down for companies with tighter budgets:

  • Monthly content production
  • Quarterly link outreach
  • Optimization tasks
  • Shared Project Manager

Spark SEO Audit One-Time ($500 setup)

One-time audit identifying quick wins to boost organic traffic and conversions for companies just exploring SEO.

We customize scope for some larger enterprise clients based on their website scale, target volume of new business driven by SEO and other unique factors.

Unsure which level aligns to your budget and goals? Get a free proposal here »

Start Growing with a Free Atlanta SEO Audit

While our proven solutions speak for themselves in terms of growing local businesses like yours, we encourage you to explore your options instead of taking our word for it.

Connect with our Founder Robert Johnson to discuss your current organic search visibility challenges, goals and questions during a free 30-minute consultation.

We’ll audit your current website, identify easy quick-win opportunities for driving more traffic and leads, and map out a game-plan for dominating local search rankings in Atlanta.

Consult with our Atlanta SEO Expert

If you’re an Atlanta business owner interested in rapidly growing your online visibility, website traffic, phone calls and customer base leveraging the strategies outlined above, we encourage you to explore a partnership with our team.

Robert Johnson, Founder and CEO of Laird & Partners offers free 30-minute consultations to companies interested in assessing their current search presence and creating an action plan for dominating local rankings.

On a call with Robert you can discuss topics like:

  • How SEO specifically helps your vertical/niche
  • Current website performance strengths/weaknesses
  • Competitor SEO visibility analysis
  • Goal-setting for lead gen, sales etc.
  • Budgeting considerations

There is no obligation or commitment necessary to have a thoughtful discussion about the possibilities for driving online growth.

Request a free expert SEO consultation here.

We welcome the opportunity to explore tailoring a solution for your unique Atlanta business needs. Feel free to ask Robert tough questions and leverage his expertise around planning and executing a winning search strategy!

There’s no long-term commitment necessary to explore working together. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business over months ahead by driving real measurable results through SEO.

Now is the time to get proactive, stop losing revenue to highly-ranked competitors and build an organic marketing engine funneling you customers 24/7.

We look forward to fueling your online growth!