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Our skilled team of SEO experts uses modern SEO techniques backed by the latest industry best practices. As a top-rated SEO service provider, we focus on driving qualified, high-converting traffic to your website through comprehensive keyword research, technical enhancements, content creation, link building, and other SEO tactics.

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Why Do You Still Need SEO In 2024?

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of Google
  • 61% buy a product after researching online first

In other words, if you want to connect with motivated customers, you need to show up prominently in search engine results.

Our Time-Tested Proven SEO Formula: Search Engine Optimization Process

We take a focused, step-by-step process for any SEO Plan tailored to your business goals:

  1. Research: We conduct an in-depth SEO audit, analyzing your website, keywords, and competitors to identify the best SEO opportunities.
  2. Strategy: Our SEO experts then develop a completely customized strategy to increase your rankings, traffic, and conversions.
  3. Implementation: We handle all technical optimization and content enhancement to execute the strategy seamlessly.
  4. Link Building: Next, our team secures high-quality backlinks from trusted websites to improve rankings.
  5. Reporting: You receive detailed monthly reports to track website traffic, leads, sales, and ROI from our efforts.
  6. Optimization: We continuously analyze performance and refine our approach to improve results month after month.

We keep things simple and focused for the best ROI. Our SEO strategies are always aligned to your business objectives for the most relevant results.

Technical SEO Services- The Foundation of Greatness

Technical SEO constitutes behind-the-scenes website optimization that enables search engine crawlers to easily analyze and index your pages. It establishes a critical infrastructure for growth. Our technical audits identify 300+ issues hampering a website’s performance to methodically fix each one. They encompass five key areas:

1. Crawlability

We eliminate obstacles like restrictive robots.txt files, infinite scroll, cloaking, sneaky redirects, etc., preventing search bots from fully crawling your site. This expands pages indexed.

2. Indexability

Next, all pages must be indexable for users to find them. We address wrong directives, duplicate content problems, inadequate link equity transfers, and more.

3. Website Architecture

How different sections of your website logically connect dictates the user experience. We design streamlined structures optimized for on-site search and discoverability.

4. Page Speed

With Google prioritizing faster sites, we analyze performance data to engineer key web vitals gains through caching, compression, leveraging CDNs, and code refinements.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Over 60% of searches happen on mobile devices. So responsive interfaces, readable content, clickable elements, and AMP integration allow seamless mobile experiences.

We leave no stone unturned in creating strong technical foundations before pursuing growth strategies. This step alone can produce substantial early wins.

On-Page SEO Mastery Driving Higher Gains!

With robust technical optimization complete, our SEO specialists transition focus toward on-page enhancements leveraging three key elements:

Keyword Research

Through our patented keyword research process analyzing search trends, seasonality, competition levels, and conversion potential, our SEO team identifies terms that perfectly match your offerings. Embedding these within page titles, headers, content, image names, and alt text signals relevancy.

SEO Content Creation

Our American writers create contextual, engaging copy tailored to rank for assigned keywords. They stimulate visitor engagement, addressing search intent while conveying your brand voice. We also optimize existing materials through repurposing and metadata enhancements, extracting more value.

Internal Links

Strategic internal linking supports topical relevancy by connecting related pages. Cross-links highlight wider expertise through contextual references, boosting dwell time. Optimized flows entreating natural progression improves overall site navigation, too.

With semantic-focused development, striking the optimal balance across findability, readability, and scannability is central to our on-page optimization. This amplifies quality signals crucial for higher rankings.

Our SEO Team Offers Cutting-Edge Link Building Services!

Google’s algorithms heavily weigh external signals like third-party links to determine relevancy and authority. But shortcuts attempting manipulations with paid or low-quality links only temporarily boost rankings and may even trigger penalties.

Our ethical, white hat link-building leverages four main strategies:

1. Outreach

Our SEO agency proactively connects with niche industry partners and relevant sites to create contextual backlinks. These editorially-given references add credibility through votes of confidence from genuine domain authorities.

2. Influencing

In addition to backlinks, spotlight features on popular podcasts, interviews with top bloggers, and contributed articles published in leading outlets vastly improve brand visibility while conferring SEO advantages.

3. Amplification

We further maximize existing traction by repurposing and refreshing evergreen materials for distribution across high-authority sites through guest posting opportunities. This expands links to deepen engagement.

4. Reviews

User-generated reviews and ratings build trust and social proof. We implement optimized review generation strategies across influential forums to boost local SEO and click-through rates.

With finely tuned link building efforts, the cumulative effect from securing placements across diverse, reputable sources propels leading indicators like referral traffic and lowers bounce rates.

Ecommerce SEO Services – Driving More Sales

For online stores, product discoverability through intelligent SEO is invaluable towards claiming your share of the $600 billion ecommerce pie. Our structured process encompasses:

Keyword Expansion

Going beyond head terms, we optimize pages for commercial modifiers and long-tail purchase intent keywords, unlocking new revenue streams.

Enhanced Listings

Eye-catching title tags, compelling product schema markups, and meta descriptions get more clicks to product details driving conversions.

Optimized Websites

Refined site architecture, predictive search, AI recommendations, infinite scroll, and faster mobile experiences create seamless buyer journeys, increasing basket values.

Review Generation

Positive ratings and feedback through verified review collection build credibility to boost conversions. We help curate and promote them for amplification.

As category leaders managing over $2 billion in ecommerce sales, our smart SEO marketing services deliver record sales volume and order values through differentiated customer experiences.

Get Sustained Results Through Deep Monitoring!

SEO optimization is an ongoing endeavor requiring vigilant tracking given evolving searcher needs, disruptive competitors, and shifting algorithm changes. We help you get more from optimization efforts through:

Rank Tracking

Our platform continuously tracks keyword rankings across Google and Bing through Google Analytics. Instant rank change alerts quickly flag issues for course correction maintaining positions.

Website Audits

Comprehensive quarterly SEO audits assess technical health, on-page factors, linking dynamics, and UX to preemptively catch problems early, preventing any ranking declines.

Index Coverage

Monitoring indexed and visible pages monthly prevents sudden drops. Crawl stats refine efforts to maximize indexed equity for wider exposure.

Traffic Analytics

We analyze visitor metrics like channel splits, top landing pages, attribution assists, and conversion funnels monthly, informing spending and optimization priorities.

With our rigorous monitoring and reporting, we build durable SEO-fortifying brands against uncertainties stemming from outside forces.

World-Class Local SEO Services!

For businesses with a physical footprint, local SEO is invaluable in driving store visits and walk-ins. Our location-based optimization focuses on four primary areas:

Local Listings

We ensure correct business information across essential sites like Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, and 50+ online directories. Consistent NAP listings strengthen local ranking signals.

Local Reviews

We help enable seamless review collection through SMS and email surveys along with prominent Testimonials sections. Positive sentiments improve click-through rates by 67%.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages showcase addresses, direction links, and area-specific content optimized with geo-tags and structured data. They drive calls and location-based conversions.

Building Local Citations

External references from industry directories and niche marketplaces build citation equity to reinforce proximity relevance. Optimization expands visibility across the Local Pack and map rankings.

With our holistic local SEO services tailored to your unique offerings, we manifest measurable improvements in foot traffic and revenue.

No doubt we are the right SEO Company to accomplish your business goals!

Why Businesses Trust LairdandPartners for Their SEO Campaigns?

  • Over 650 successful SEO tasks completed
  • 94% client retention rate
  • 4x higher web traffic than the industry average
  • 29 awards for innovative SEO excellence
  • Specialists certified by DigitalMarketer and Yoast

With immense passion driving our team of seasoned SEO experts, we partner with you in transforming imagination into action. Our individually tailored SEO solutions deliver beyond expectations while obsessively focusing on your success.

See measurable search visibility improvements by booking a free website audit today!


How can you expand my online presence through SEO?

The entire focus of our SEO work is to expand your visibility online in unpaid search results. As more people find you organically, it grows website traffic, branded search impressions, and overall digital presence.

What ongoing SEO tasks do you handle?

We take care of all key optimization tasks, including keyword research, website analysis, technical fixes, content creation and optimization, reporting, and fine-tuning efforts over time. You simply track the growth.

How fast can you improve my search engine rankings?

With consistent optimization for 6-12 months, most websites begin seeing significant search ranking improvements. However, exact timelines vary per competitive factors in your industry. Our experts assess this early on.

What does custom SEO mean?

Custom SEO refers to tailored services created specifically for your unique business challenges and website needs. We develop individualized solutions rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

How is SEO integrated with web design?

Our web design process fully optimizes website architecture, site speed, mobile responsiveness, and other technical factors that impact SEO rankings. Good web design establishes the foundation for effective search optimization.