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We pride ourselves on being more than just website designers and developers – we take a strategic approach to understanding our client’s unique needs and goals. Our talented in-house web development team goes above and beyond to craft custom solutions tailored for your brand and target audience.

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Website Design and Development Services We Offer

We recognize that every business has unique needs for establishing an online presence. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer an array of customized web design and development services tailored to help you meet your specific digital goals.

Let’s scroll through our web design services: 

Custom Web Design

Our custom web design skills help breathe life into your brand visually. We handle everything from logo designing, font, and color scheme design to crafting page layouts, visual assets, and user interface elements that aesthetically represent your business and engage your audience. 

Our designers optimize websites to drive conversions while sticking to your brand guidelines. We create original designs, no templates, with care to reflect your authentic brand identity online!

Web Development

On the web development side, our expert programmers build robust, feature-rich websites and web applications designed to be accessible, functional, and technically sound. We use modern web development frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue paired with cloud databases and content management systems as per your needs.

All code is handwritten, featuring clean semantics and optimized performance. We architect the front end and back end to be scalable, stable and secure as your web presence grows.

Ecommerce Store Development

E-commerce requires combining design, development, and conversion optimization competencies for sales-driving results. We design sleek, professional e-commerce sites that make products shine with engaging copy and quality photography. We ensure fast and seamless checkouts across devices.

We implement robust platforms like Shopify and Magento for enterprise needs, enabling complex catalog, inventory, and fulfillment management at scale. Optimizing conversion funnels from product research to checkout is key.

Umbraco Development, Optimization & Maintenance

Umbraco is a popular open-source CMS platform built on .NET. Our team of experienced Umbraco developers can build new websites on Umbraco from scratch or migrate your existing site to Umbraco. 

We stay up-to-date on the latest Umbraco releases and best practices to build secure, optimized Umbraco websites with a beautiful UI and intuitive content management workflow. 

ASP.NET Development 

Our ASP.NET developers have years of experience building custom web applications on the ASP.NET framework. We utilize best practices and the latest Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET Core to build robust, scalable web apps with C# and .NET. 

Whether you need a customer portal, online store, SAAS app, or internal business application, our ASP.NET developers can architect, code, and deploy complex web apps to meet your unique needs. We use test-driven development and agile methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions on time and budget.

Website Migrations

Migrating an outdated website to a new platform requires technical expertise to ensure minimal disruption. Our team migrates websites of all sizes and complexity levels – whether you’re moving from an old CMS to WordPress/Drupal or upgrading from ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET Core. 

We follow a structured migration process, including planning, design, content migration, testing, cutover, and post-launch support. Trust us to handle your website migration seamlessly from start to finish so you can focus on business goals while we transition you to a better, more scalable website platform.

Content Management Systems

For companies needing frequent website content updates, our custom Content Management Systems streamline editing while enhancing SEO. We tailor-build user-friendly CMS tools for non-technical users to update pages and blog posts in real time without specialized training while respecting security protocols. This facilitates adapting messaging as your business offerings expand over time.

Responsive & Mobile Website Design

No matter what you order, the responsive, mobile-friendly design comes standard. All our websites gracefully adapt and resize across all devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones, ensuring ideal experiences for all your site visitors and customers. Smarter use of display real estate improves the ability to find products, consume content, and take action.

Website Support & Maintenance

Underpinning it all, our ongoing technical website support and maintenance provide peace of mind your site presence will stand the test of time. From content migration assistance to platform troubleshooting and updates to speed and uptime monitoring, we become a trusted digital partner invested in your success.

Let us guide you on which website services make a good fit. We approach projects understanding technical needs and capabilities, balancing user wants for delightful, value-driving experiences worth the investment.

Our Web Design and Development Process

We follow a proven process to ensure we design and develop exactly what you need to meet your digital marketing objectives:

Step #1 Research & Discovery Phase

The research and discovery phase is crucial for truly understanding our clients’ needs. We start by conducting interviews with our client’s key stakeholders to comprehend their business goals and challenges. We’ll analyze your website metrics and KPIs to understand what’s currently working.

We’ll then take a close look at analytics data to identify user behaviors. We’ll also evaluate search engine optimization and keywords to determine how visitors find the site. Our web design consultants may conduct expert reviews to pinpoint UX issues. And we’ll study your competitor sites to analyze the wider market landscape. Ultimately, we compile those findings into a strategic brief that guides the whole project.

Step #2 Information Architecture & Site Mapping

Now that we intimately understand our client’s business and audience needs, we can start structuring the site content and layout. Information architecture is like building a blueprint for the site content. We categorize and organize content in a way that makes intuitive sense for users to find what they need better. We create site maps and flow diagrams visualizing the content hierarchy across pages.

Templating out the different content types allows us to plan for consistency in content presentation. Next, our experts optimize the information architecture for on-page SEO elements like metadata, URLs, and linking structures baked in.

Step #3 Design Concepts & Mockups

With the information architecture established, our talented web design team starts bringing the site vision to life visually. We begin by looking at competitive sites, industry trends, and brand style guides to inspire the visual direction. Our designers sketch out page concepts for discussion and feedback first before getting into digital wireframes showcasing a few different page layout options.

We believe presenting multiple design directions lets us have a thoughtful strategic discussion on what works best for meeting stated business goals balanced with user experience needs. After collective buy-in on the layouts, we start iterating on higher-fidelity visual mockups, applying colors, brand elements, imagery, and all the finishing touches needed to bring the client’s brand to life digitally.

Step #4 Development & Programming

Now, our expert development team has started actively building the site and technical foundation using the approved designs. We hand-code the pages using modern semantic HTML markup for accessibility and SEO. We write modular CSS, keeping stylesheets lean and fast to load. Then, our developers sparingly add any necessary interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery to enable polished user experiences without “overengineering.”

Everything passes through code reviews, security checks, and testing frameworks, ensuring we build to modern web standards for performance and scalability as sustainable long-term solutions.

Step #5 Testing & Deployment

Before officially launching any website, we perform rigorous quality assurance testing to maximize stability and client confidence. We test functionality like forms, integrations, payments, and key site interactions to make sure everything works as intended. Then, we check visual styling and make sure that messages are rendered correctly across different browsers.

Our team of top web developers then checks whether the site is fully responsive, resizing beautifully on all device sizes and mobility scenarios. We enable safeguards for site security vulnerabilities. Moreover, we check for broken links and invalid codes and optimize web performance, like page load speeds, based on real user conditions. And we configure all hosting and environments to be production-ready for a smooth launch.

Step #6 Post-Launch Support

Our work continues well after a site launches. We review analytics closely tied back to the originally stated goals to ensure the website delivers business impact. We have ongoing digital marketing efforts like SEO to nurture more organic growth over time slowly. We monitor site uptime and speeds with external monitoring, providing peace of mind.

Not only that, but we also revisit security and integrations to update outdated vendors or patch any new issues that arise. Plus, we train clients to manage the site directly via CMS tools for self-sufficient content updates. With open communication channels, we troubleshoot whatever issues ultimately surface so problems get resolved promptly for seamless long-term website success.

Ultimately, we make the entire web design and development process transparent and collaborative—you’re involved each step of the way.

Our Design & Development Expertise

With an in-house team boasting 15+ years in web design and development catering to diverse clients, our expertise spans:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Python, Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress, Shopify, Magento
  • React, Angular, Vue.js
  • Responsive design / Mobile-first
  • UI/UX Design, Prototyping
  • Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • SEO Fundamentals

We stay updated on web standards and best practices. Our sites aren’t just visually appealing—they’re built using semantic, optimized code for speed, security, and long-term business growth.

LairdandPartners – Best Reviewed Web Design Company

What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach spanning design, development, and digital marketing – ensuring that your ambitious vision doesn’t just turn into a modern, high-performing website but also continues driving results long after launch. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends, techniques, and tools to make this possible.

Some key advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Talented In-House Team: 

Our designers, developers, project leads, and digital marketing specialists work together under one roof, enabling seamless collaboration and rapid results.

  • Focus Beyond Launch: 

We don’t just build new sites but also continually optimize existing ones – ensuring that your web presence and marketing campaigns stay effective amid evolving search algorithms, device capabilities, and user expectations.

  • Growth Driven Design: 

Beautiful high-converting websites tailored to your audience, offerings, and goals with a focus on driving business growth from day one. We pay attention to micro-interactions, user psychology, funnel optimization, and more right from the initial design phase.

  • Full visibility and transparency: 

We believe trust forms the foundation of successful engagements. You will have complete visibility into timelines, design iterations, developer task flows, budgets, and more throughout the entire lifespan of your project.

  • Ongoing Support: 

Enjoy months of post-launch support included with your web design and development services without worrying about additional hourly charges. We got your back!

Our Website Design & Development Results

We’ve designed and built 100+ successful websites optimized to deliver tangible results for clients over the years, including:

✅ 60% increase in lead gen for software startup’s new inbound site

✅ 320% bump in organic traffic for healthcare services agency after redesign

✅ 15% higher email signups for retail home goods ecommerce store

✅ 28% more mobile bookings for limo transportation service after transitioning to a responsive site

Interested in the sites we’ve developed and real outcomes we’ve driven? 

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Have some questions before getting started? 

Browse answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q: How long does it take for you to design and develop my new site? 

A: Depending on the project scope, it generally takes 4-8 weeks from the kickoff call to the full launch. For more complex web apps, 6-10 weeks. We provide timelines specific to your project needs.

Q: What is your pricing and payment structure?

A: Pricing is customized based on each project’s scope and needs. We offer flexible payment options, including milestones tied to phases.

Q: What technologies and platforms do you use for website development?

A: Our developers build sites optimized for speed, security, and scalability using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Shopify, React, and more cutting-edge technologies.

Still have questions? 

Feel free to reach out directly, and we’re happy to provide any clarification needed before getting started!